Yoga and Wellness

Nkuringo Walking Safaris also promotes healthy ideas, provides tangible solutions to eco-friendly travel, is mindful of the community and encourage self-awareness and growth. Explore the county’s breathtaking landscape, culture and wildlife while you immerse on an inner adventure that reconnects your mind, body and soul. Reconnect your passion and spirit through healing yoga, meditation, culture and safari.

When you need to unwind you need an adventure that develops your physical, mental and spiritual health. Following your yoga experience you will return home feeling rejuvenated, restored and relaxed.

This adventure will integrate and reconnect you through;

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Hiking the serene trails and forest
  • Relaxing massage of either foot, chair massage or full body aromatherapy
  • Biking through the community trails
  • Crafts that unleash your creativity
  • Relaxation and enjoying a glass of wine by the campfire
  • Breathing in fresh air
  • Reflect while in the breathtaking landscape while in the nature excursion
  • Connect with others and community and experience their culture
  • Nourishing healthy food
  • Relax and unwind in cottages with stunning views of the forest and volcanoes

When you look for reprieve, rest and growth, you need to intentionally get out of your comfort zones and reveal inner strength and confidence. Yoga connects us to our core desires through body and mind.

You will practice these styles and create your own personal goals, beginning your next chapter in life with courage, clarity and creativity. You will be in ‘Union of Oneself’ and with the universe as you expose your need of self-awareness, love, passion and compassion for humanity.

As there is growing awareness about wellness and health, more people are turning to community-driven, open hearted activities that develop their well-being and make a difference to the local community.

Join Nkuringo Walking Safaris for this energy channeling adventure. Experience peace, clarity, and contentment that build human values by promoting mental and physical health.

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