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Kalinzu Forest Reserve

A Peaceful Nature Walk Experience

Kalinzu Forest Reserve, a 147 sq. km. Adjacent to the famed Queen Elizabeth National Park and Maramagambo Forest is famous for Forest Walks, Research, Conservation Education, Birding, Butterfly Identification, Chimp Tracking, and small Mammal viewing. Kalinzu forest is 10 km west of Ishaka on the main Mbarara Kasese highway. The Visitor reception center is conveniently situated for visitors en-route to or from Queen Elizabeth National Park, only 40 km distant on the Mbarara Kasese road.

Kalinzu forest offers visitors a choice of scenic guided walks along the ridges and valleys of the Rift Valley escarpment. From the forest trails, amazing views open up over the Rwenzori Mountains, Lake Edward, the Kazinga Channel, and the Congo. Visit the “old man of the hills.” Kalinzu forest is steeped in mysteries and rich with local legends. Learn about the folklore and uses of the forest from a local guide.

Experience the forest at night. See nocturnal primates like pottos and galagos. Search for owls and other animals that only emerge under cover of darkness and listen to the eerie shrieking of the tree hyrax. Get away from it all at the campsite retreat. The camping site is set deep into the forest, far away from any settlements, and although basic, offers visitors a tranquil ‘back to nature’ experience.


  • The Forest is famous for 414 Species of trees. It harbors 378 Species of Birds, six different Primates, Blue Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys, Black and White Colobus Monkeys, and Chimpanzees, 262 Butterflies, 97 Moths, Reptiles, and Flowers.
  • Hike and camp on the edge of the forest and experience the African night under the stars in the wild.
  • Guided forest Walks, Research, Conservation Education, Birding, Butterfly Identification, Chimp Tracking, and small Mammal viewing.
  • Meet some of the rare monkeys and primates in the forest reserve.
  • Learn how communities, people, and animals have lived together in and around the Bwindi jungles.
  • Support local communities when you hire a guide, porter, or ranger on your walking safari adventure.


  • Transportation and 4×4 vehicle transfers
  • Accommodation and Meals as per itinerary
  • English Speaking Guide and Rangers

We will process the park permits on your behalf from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).


Please carry a pack of N95 Facemask and hand sanitizer with you. You’ll be required to have a negative PCR COVID-19 test certificate issued within 72 hours of your arrival in the country, and keep your mask on when with animals and people crowds. You’re requested to adhere to COVID Operating procedures to keep you safe during your trip.

Kalinzu Forest Trails

Four fabulous forest trails have been developed at Kalinzu offering visitors a range of exciting options. All the trails involve some clambering over hilly terrain so that the local guides will advise visitors on each trail’s suitability for each age and ability.

The River Trail

This short 2.5 km circular trail takes approximately 1 hour. This walk’s major feature is River Kajojo or ‘Elephant River’ so-called because elephants used to bathe here. The trail goes past some fine specimens of ‘Parinari excelsa,’ the climax tree in the forest, and a huge strangler figure. Visitors will see signs of the nine forest primate species, including chimpanzee nests high in the treetops.

The Valley Trail

This 3.5 km circular trail takes approximately 2 hours and offers spectacular views over the valley. Visitors will trek along a ridge and past several interesting forest features. A forest favorite is the ‘Mutragyne rubrostipuleta’ or ‘viagra’ tree.

The Waterfall Trail

An 11 km loop trail taking between 4 and 5 hours over some hilly and, in parts, wet terrain. This trail leads to a magnificent waterfall, ‘kilyantama,’ locally known as ‘the sheep eater.’ Visitors will discover the tree that “baboons cannot climb” and backcloth figs, which are used in the craft industry to make beautifully decorated table cloths, curtains, handbags, and ceremonial clothes.

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