Golden Monkeys

Golden monkeys are also an endangered species with approximately 5000 members remaining. They are exclusive to the Virunga Mountain range that covers the whole DR Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda, living mostly in the bamboo forests.

The golden monkey experience is an additional activity where you can get up-close to habituated troops in Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda or Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.

Mgahinga Park is the only park where you can take the 4-hour Golden Monkey Habituation Experience which is an all-day trek and includes 4 hours in the presence of the golden monkeys. Rwanda has two habituated troops.

A large troop can have around 100 members. A permit also buys you 1 hour with these magnificent, shy monkeys. They are also very delightful for photography and flash photography is allowed however is not allowed with the Mountain Gorillas. The trek is not strenuous because golden monkeys are found at the base of the mountain in the Bamboo forest which is fairly flat.

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