Fishing in Uganda

Uganda not only attracts people because of its beautiful landscapes, welcoming people, endangered gorillas, abundant game life but also because of its remarkable water bodies.

Uganda has several water bodies including Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga, Lake George, Lake Albert, Lake Mburo, Lake Edward, Lake Bunyonyi and River Nile. There are also many other rivers, swamps and wetlands.

Water based tourism such as sport fishing is a year-round activity that attracts novice or experienced anglers with modern fishing methods that promotes sustainable fishing practices.

Fish species recorded in Uganda include tilapia, Nile perch, catfish, yellow fish, tiger fish, lung fish, ferocious fighter and barbel among others.

You can catch the mighty Nile perch that can weigh between 20 to 120 kilograms at;

  • Nile River
  • Murchison Falls National.Park
  • Lake Victoria
  • Lake Mburo
  • Sipi Falls area

Nile River-Jinja

In Jinja, the birthplace of the mighty Nile river (or one of them anyway) sport fishing can be explored by novice or experienced anglers. They usually target species like Nile perch, tilapia, yellow fish, and cat fish using trawling, spinning and bait fishing techniques. All fishing gear, camping equipment, safety gear, and drinking water are supplied. However fly fishers will need to bring their own gear. More serious fisherman can go look for big Nile Perch using GPS, fish-finder, the latest equipment, and an experienced and capable skipper.

Murchison Falls National Park

In Murchison falls, sport fishing is conducted along the River Nile, the bottom of the falls at the Devil’s Cauldron, and at the banks of the Nile. The two fishing spots are at Murchison Falls and below Karuma Falls. All anglers are advised to have rods that are between 8 ft and 11ft with a multiplier reel and 7” spinning rod for smaller fish.

Nile perch and some cat fish provide exciting challenges to anglers using casting lures. Smaller fish like the Tiger fish can be caught using the live bait or spinning method. Fishing spots can either be accessed by boat or by walking down from the top of the falls to the gorge which can take 45 minutes.

Fishing in Murchison can be done anytime of the year though the best catches are seen early in the morning and late in the day. When the water level is low and clearer from mid-January to early-April, you can catch more as fish feed more due to the dramatic variation of weather conditions.

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Lake Victoria

The world’s second largest fresh water lake by surface area has over 80 islands within it.

Sport fishing is done all year round but the best time is between October to March. Anglers use trolling with lures and can catch large Nile perch that weigh up to 80 kilograms. Fly fishing is also very popular and used to catch tilapia fish.

You will need a boat ride to the islands but the site for fishing may be determined by prevailing weather conditions.

Lake Mburo

Sport fishing in Lake Mburo is conducted around the restricted Mazinga area. Lake Mburo National Park has 5 lakes, with Lake Mburo being largest. A fishing permit is issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority. Guests are allowed to cook the fish they catch in Lake Mburo.

Sipi Falls Area

Sipi Falls located at eastern Uganda near Mt Elgon National Park is an exhilarating fall with many activities including sport fishing. Anglers get to catch elusive rainbow fish which are colourful. You will be required to carry your own gear and obtain a fishing permit.

You are advised to carry your fishing equipment, bring sun protection and a GPS, wear long socks, long sleeved trousers and insect repellents for tsetse fly bites. Be cautious of the hippos and Nile crocodiles while fishing at the River banks.

Experienced or novice, you must include fishing in your bucket list and visit all the different fishing spots in Lake Victoria, Lake Mburo, Murchison Falls, Nile River and Sipi Falls.

You may be lucky to catch the big one or challenge yourself to catch the more acrobatic, bright and powerful ones.

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